"The America we deserve" 2000. By Donald J Trump.

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Pentagon finally being audited---$21 trillion unaccounted for.

The centre of the greatest amount of corruption and crime in American history, after the Washington crime families.

Julian Assange extracted and in Switzerland on his way to Ecuador, or maybe to Washington DC

Just think about the possibilities of Julian Assange working on a daily basis with President Trump.....going into the 2018 mid-term elections?


President Trump badly needs these types of people around him as he battles the DEEP STATE.

Julian Assange has battled the DEEP STATE, since forever.

Of course his loyal team going into the 2018 elections should start with Americans, first. 

rE-JIGGING his cabinet READY FOR THE 2018 ELECTIONS, and removing the 25th on the 45th assassins in the Ides of March--July. (Bannon to Stone November 2017)

This means DNC/FBI Russiagate has failed.

The Death of Caesar (1798) by Vincenzo Camuccini


Trump wouldn't be the first President to talk that way.....


I believe Nixon talked that way about Jews, and others......and referred to Indira Gandhi as a 'bitch......She is tougher than most men...and Indians are bastards'. (India tilted towards the Soviet Union as a non-aligned country.)

LBJ also talked like that about other ethnic groups.......and a President who was generally foul-mouthed all round, and downright criminal.(he would talk to cabinet members from his toilet seat, door slightly ajar, open...........from his private Presidential Whitehouse shithole)

Russia has been called a shithole or words to that effect by various USA politicians and commentators (The very country where the Iranian/Aryan race evolved over 1000 of years).........John McCain, Keith Olbermann, Lindsey Graham and Barack Obama.

My understanding of the term is that it is commonly used by Westerners to refer to Third World developing countries, or even other countries generally they don't like.......its locker room common parlance.

However, this does not make it any more acceptable if the allegations are true, based on HEARSAY of what the President allegedly said, and Fox AND fRIENDS concur that this was indeed said  .....especially NOW in the PC environment.

But we can widen the debate and look at the hot rod issue.


Everybody knows Trump farts, especially after a dozen diet cokes a day, but he wouldn't advertise it. 

1. A great leader of an important movement does not waste their breath and precious words, which are minutely lensed word for word, .....on fundamentally inconsequential people; poor people, weak people, harmless people. He should reserve his harsh words and venom on the country's real enemies..the DEEP STATE, and the main actors of the deep state network.

2. Poor people from failed states do not just walk into the most modern nation-state on earth, just like that. The Globalist in the Deep State wants them, their cheap labour, their bodies for sex, their use as tools to racially divide America. The Globalist in the Deep state then implement the infrastructure in the state which allows these desperate people to come into the country with a variety of 'incentives'.....free education, free healthcare......'YOUR CHILD will be an American citizen if they are born here scam'...food stamps, housing. 

This process began in 1965, under the Immigration Act of Hart-Celler which for the first time allowed mass immigration from Asia and Africa, in the wake of the civil rights movement of greater racial equality, and the Great Society experiment with the affirmative action of Lyndon Baines Johnson, a crypto-Jew from Texas. Image result for lbj signs new immigration act under the statue of liberty

I use to work with a guy called Adrian, a few years back, Indo-European/Germanic looking and pleasant. He was a former NF/BNP active member but became sick of the UK, married an Asian brown lady, with brown children and settled in Asia. He had through the process of time changed as we all do. However, his inner little England would come out in private conversations with me at the cafe and the conversations would be rather basic and simple with very little variation, as he poured his angst out to me quietly and privately---the talking points would come from the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express about Third World immigrants doing bad things in the UK, and 'why they come ere to our country' . (i) I first explained to him that humans being have been travelling around the world for 500,000 years.... it's a natural phenomenon. (ii) It's also a natural phenomenon that poor people want to find a better life in more developed countries.....Poor Scots, and NE people heading towards London, for example within the UK even. (iii) The UK is a well-guarded Island nation and a state of the art security state (I personally know about this better than most---I wrote about it at university 21 years ago, and have added personal experience and knowledge to this area) ......what that means is that very little happens in the national security/strategic arena without the knowledge of the STATE APPARATUS........including, immigration, emigration, narcotics imports, terrorism by Islamists and the IRA and much more. (iv) Then I looked at Adrian with a slightly emphatic expression and stated who runs the UK? WHO ACTUALLY RUNS THE UK ADRIAN??? He looked puzzled and blurted the PM, Dave the rave Cameron.(when the conversation took place). I said no......its the Rothschilds of London.....he didn't know who they were. Then I explained that it is they and the elite who decide to allow immigrants in as they provide cheap labour, and in the case of the Somalis a weapon with which to beat the host population....under the fake banner of multi-culturalism. It is an elite Jewish ploy. All this went over his head, and the next conversation with him would again begin with Daily Mail headlines.

3. The USA could try, as an out of the box experiment-----being nice to shithole Third World states. Then those states no longer destabilised by the USA DEEP STATE in Central and South America, and Africa would not be so shitholish and uninhabitable that the locals seek refuge in the USA. The best example is Haiti, Mexico and Libya. Libya has now become a huge funnel for illegal African immigrants going mostly to Europe. Had the USA not toppled the CIA puppet this problem would not have arisen for Europe. But Hilary wanted to steal the country's 400 tons of gold. 


4. Since the Jewish immigration act of 1965, allowing Africans and Asians to come legally to the USA.....MOST of the immigrants in fact have come from Latin America--20--30 million. Another 11 million immigrants are in the USA illegally, and most of them are also Latin AMERICANS. Very few Africans are in these statistics. 

5. The stereo-type of African immigrant who is in the USA illegally, and is unskilled is very wrong. Many of the Africans in the USA are from accomplished backgrounds with skills.

Finally, if in one BREATH you talk about LOVE and reconciliation with the opposition, and then defacto ALLEGEDLY talk about 'niggers' and 'greasy Diego's' in their shithole....then this would appear to be unstable......not normal and unpresidential.

When you've got DEEP STATE ACTORS in your cabinet waiting to get rid of you on the 25th on the 45th, why give them free ammo?

Focus like a laser on the GREAT PATH AHEAD.

The American Deep State started in 1913 on Jekyll Island, when everybody in the USA was asleep

It's going to take more than two terms of President Trump to do it. That's not saying its impossible, but merely highlighting the magnitude of the strategic structural STATE problem.

It won't be enough to merely deal with Hilary, Bill, Soros, Podesta's, Comey, Mueller and the Saudis....and all the bad actors in the DNC. It will have to be deeper and bigger than the DNC.........BUT IT IS A PROCESS........a long-term methodological process, carefully crafted and implemented.

The Deep State is international, globalist with enemies around the world....the Rothschilds of London (WITH THEIR 2 trillion family wealth based on the "THE CITY" 1 mile Citadel from where the American civil war, WWI, WWII and 9/11 were planned; Wahabi Saudi Arabia ($4-8 trillion family wealth)...which are just two examples.

And it would appear that the American military are the ones who will have to be used against the Deep State, rather than the 'Judicial JUSTICE system"
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In 15th November 1976, he sent an emissary and told President Carter who he must choose in his new cabinet (Brezinski et al), and what his GLOBALIST foreign policy should be.....confronting the Soviet Union, topple the Shah of Iran a CIA American puppet, Topple the Democratic Bhutto government in Pakistan, Fund Islamists in Afghanistan against the Communist government in Kabul........and many other misadventures in South America, Africa and Asia......THINGS 'SAINT JIMMY' might have not wanted to do, or was elected for as rejection of the Deep State:

After the meeting with the HIH emissary's UNCONSTITUTIONAL Imperial edict, Carter spent the rest of the Day, a hardened former Naval Intelligence officer and a devout Christian, CRYING LIKE A BABY.....WHOLE DAY.

The Carter crimes listed BELOW is not comprehensive (Nothing about Iran)

from Counterpunch:

However, the self-professed advocate for human rights demonstrated quite the penchant for bloodshed. While he didn’t initiate any aggressive invasions of foreign nations the way his predecessors and successors did in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, Carter proved remarkably generous at providing financial, military, diplomatic and ideological support for fascist dictatorships that tortured and killed millions of members of their domestic populations in an effort to crush popular movements for social justice. Some of the regimes he backed carried out mass slaughter that amounted to genocide.
“Carter was the least violent of American presidents but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions,” said Noam Chomsky. Much like Nobel Peace-prize winner Barack Obama 30 years later, Carter was an advocate of human rights in the abstract, but of repression and imposition of power through violence in practice.
Below are some of Carter’s most shameful and indefensible foreign policy positions that caused monumental levels of death, destruction and suffering for poor, socially disenfranchised people from Asia to Latin America to Africa.
Zaire, 1977
After the CIA-sponsored assassination of Patrice Lumumba in 1961, Mobutu Sese Seko ruled as a dictator for 16 years – changing the name of the Congo in 1971 to Zaire. In early 1977, rebels fighting with the revolutionary MPLA popular movement in Angola re-entered Zaire to resume their civil war and oust the military strongman. Mobutu sought help from his American and European allies to crush the movement.
William Blum writes in Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II that Carter, who had been in office for only two months, was reluctant to involve his administration in a far-reaching intervention whose scope and length could not be easily anticipated.
However, Carter did provide “non-lethal” aid, while he did not protest as European countries offered military aid, and Morocco sent several thousand of its US-trained military forces to aid Mobutu.
“President Carter asserted on more than one occasion that the Zaire crisis was an African problem, best solved by Africans, yet he apparently saw no contradiction to this thesis in his own policy, nor did he offer any criticism of France or Belgium, which sent Mobutu a substantial amount of military equipment,” writes Blum. [1]
Guatemala, 1977
The Carter administration issued a report critical of the human rights records of the military government and officially cut off aid. However, Blum argues that this was little more than a public relations stunt while tangible support continued: “the embargoes were never meant to be more than partial, and Guatemala also received weapons and military equipment from Israel, at least part of which was covertly underwritten by Washington. As further camouflage, some of the training of Guatemala’s security forces was reportedly maintained by transferring it to clandestine sites in Chile and Argentina.” [2]
Meanwhile, the horrors of a genocidal campaign against the indigenous population continued unabated on Carter’s watch. Death squads were eliminating peasants, labour leaders, human rights activists and clergy. In the countryside, the military would torture and burn alive “subversives,” such as Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú’s own brother.
East Timor, 1977
After the democratically-elected President Sukarno of Indonesia was overthrown with the assistance of the CIA in 1967, mass-murderer Suharto assumed power as military dictator and a strong ally of the US government.
In late 1975, Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford gave the green light to Suharto to invade neighbouring East Timor. After occupying the capital city Dili, Indonesian troops systematically rooted out resistance by the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (FRETILIN) and the civilian population across the island. Residents of occupied areas were subjected to massive re-education brainwashing campaigns. The death toll from violence by Indonesian forces, malnutrition and disease quickly climbed into the tens of thousands.
The genocidal slaughter reached its peak in 1977, On March 1, 95 members of the Australian Parliament sent a letter to Carter claiming the Indonesian troops were carrying out “atrocities” and asking the American President “to comment publicly on the situation in East Timor.” [3]
The response was crickets. Carter ramped up aid with funding and weapons to the murderous Indonesian regime, brazenly flaunting the human rights requirements imposed on American aid.
As journalist Richard Dudman reported at the time: “amid all the talks about human rights, the country with perhaps the worst record has been getting increased amounts of economic and military aid from the Carter administration,” which is attributed to the “bonanza enjoyed by American oil companies and multi-national corporations since the present military regime came to power.” [4]
Precise statistics on the death toll of East Timorese at the hands of the Indonesian forces – who enjoyed the unconditional support of the US government – are hard to come by, but FAIR noted in a 1994 article that “by the time Carter left office, about 200,000 people had been slaughtered.”
Angola, 1978
In 1978, the South African Defence Forces (SADF) carried out a massacre against a refugee camp in Cassinga, Angola. SADF bombers dropped bombs over sovereign Angolan territory that killed more than 600 Namibians.
When details of the attack came to light, the U.S. made sure that the racist regime would not face sanctions in the UN Security Council.
Carter took the excuses of the apartheid government at face value: “They’ve claimed to have withdrawn and have not left any South African troops in Angola. So we hope it’s just a transient strike in retaliation, and we hope it’s all over.”
Granting the racist South Africans a blanket diplomatic shield at the UN and allowing them free reign to terrorize their neighbouring Southwest African countries at will while subjecting their own domestic population to the crime against humanity of apartheid, would prolong the suffering of millions of Africans for another 15 years.
Meanwhile, Carter and his administration would continue demanding the immediate exit of the Cuban military from Angola. As many as 30,000 Cuban troops had been stationed in Angola since 1975 to prevent South Africa from toppling the nascent revolutionary MPLA government and installing a puppet regime that, according to historian Piero Gleijeses, “would be the centrepiece of the Constellation of Southern African States that [South Africa] sought to create.” The constellation would be “anti-communist, tolerant of apartheid, and eager to persecute [Nelson Mandela’s] ANC and [Namibian liberation movement] SWAPO.” [5]
Afghanistan, 1979
When the Communist government came to power in 1978, they brought health care and education to a wide segment of the Afghan population. In cities such as Kabul, women enjoyed significant freedom. But this state of affairs was impermissible to the U.S. government, who sought to empower a local opposition and recruit foreign fundamentalist jihadists to join the struggle to topple the Communist regime.
“US foreign service officers had been meeting with Mujahideen leaders to determine their needs at least as early as April 1979,” writes Blum. “And in July, President Carter had signed a ‘finding’ to aid the rebels covertly, which led to the United States providing them with cash, weapons, equipment and supplies, and engaging in propaganda and other psychological operations in Afghanistan on their behalf.” [6]
Blum says that intervention by the US and other countries worried Russia about what kind of government would end up on their borders. The Russians, Blum writes, “consistently cited these ‘aggressive imperialist forces’ to rationalize their own intervention in Afghanistan, which was the first time Soviet ground troops had engaged in military action anywhere in the world outside its post-World War II Eastern European borders.” [7]
Soviet troops would enter Afghanistan on Christmas Eve, 1979. By the time they left in disgrace ten years later, the country was largely reduced to rubble. The devastation was so severe that the Taliban, who managed to displace the barbaric Moujahedeen, was seen by many as liberators.
It would be another 22 years before the U.S. experienced blowback on its home soil when one of the “Anti-Soviet warriors” they had courted and helped train from Saudi Arabia would mastermind a plot to turn civilian airliners into missiles that were flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
El Salvador, 1980
On February 19, 1980, Archbishop Oscar Romero, hugely popular among Salvadorans for his embrace of liberation theology, which sought to improve the socioeconomic conditions of oppressed people, sent a letter to Jimmy Carter that is worth quoting at length:
In the last few days news has appeared in the national press that worries me greatly: according to the reports your government is studying the possibility of economic and military support and assistance to the present junta government.
Because you are a Christian and because you have shown that you want to defend human rights I venture to set forth for you my pastoral point of view concerning this news and to make a request.
I am very worried by the news that the government of the United States is studying a form of abetting the arming of El Salvador by sending military teams and advisors to ‘train three Salvadoran batallions in logistics, communications, and intelligence.’ If this information is correct, the contribution of your government instead of promoting greater justice and peace in El Salvador will without doubt sharpen the injustice and repression against the organizations of the people which repeatedly have been struggling to gain respect for their most fundamental human rights.
Romero went on to say that the junta had “reverted to repressive violence producing a total of deaths and injuries much greater than in the recent military regimes whose systematic violation of human rights was denounced by the International Committee on Human Rights.”
“I hope that your religious sentiments and your feelings for the defence of human rights will move you to accept my petition, avoiding by this action worse bloodshed in this suffering country,” Romero pleaded.
Romero’s letter to the President went unanswered. Nine days later, the Archbishop was gunned down at the altar by a death squad assassin while holding the Eucharist above his head. At his funeral, snipers opened fire on defenceless mourners, killing at least 30 people.
Carter responded by sending $5 million in aid to the junta. They would use it to escalate their bloody counterinsurgency campaign. Fueled by American money and arms, the Civil War in El Salvador would rage on for another 12 years. It would reach its horrific culmination with massacre of six Jesuit scholars, their housekeeper, and her teenage daughter in 1989.
Post-Presidency and Legacy
It should be noted that Carter’s actions after leaving the White House have been, by far, the most impressive of any ex-President. Most importantly, he was the first mainstream political figure to call Israel’s policies in the occupied territories Apartheid. This major paradigm shift has paved the way for the mainstream legitimacy of international Palestinian solidarity movements such as BDS to challenge the state of Israel’s crimes.
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We see that there are many Deep State actors, Swampers, Goldman Sachs insiders, billionaire opportunists and Neocon sympathisers and Trump haters in the Trump administration, after Henry Kissinger's visit to the White House in November 2016 for the Rockefellers.

......... who subvert his objectives and promote the Neocon Deep State policies OPENLY......example arming Jihadis ISIS isn't going to make America Great again, 
or arming Ukraine, 
or after 1 year NOT rolling back 1 cent of the Police State imposed by the Bushes and Obummer....aimed at GLOBALIST GULAG obedience training of the American people.
Or blaming and bad mouthing 'CESSPOOL' countries created by the USA empire....Kosovo, Bosnia, Ukraine, Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan....and so on with DEEP DEEP DEEP STATE links........'Lily pads' for Deep state crimes.

President "George Washington" Trump Implausibly states through his legal team that he does have the power to get rid of these traitors from within his administration as he is fixated and glued to the advice of the FAKE NEWS channels, ........................Trump ONLY has the authority to hire them, and their holdovers from Bush and Obummer.

Trump and American patriots say that this is masterful inaction, and a genius with real strategic goals at work........let us hope so!


Deonme Erdogan Switches sides again, and comes to the aid of ISIS along with the USA in Syria


Syria - Erdogan (Again) Switches Sides - Delivers New Supplies For Terrorist Attacks

By Moon of Alabama

Turkey, in line with U.S. services, decided to block the current Syrian advance in south-east Idleb. Yesterday an ad-hoc alliance of jihadi "rebels" launched a counteroffensive to stop the Syrian army from cutting off a big chunk of "rebel" held territory in east-Idleb.

The Syrian army attack(reclaiming their own country)


The area of the "rebel" counterattack (green)

The Turkish and U.S. supplied "rebels" (see below) made a few local advances capturing some 12 villages of the 150 villages the Syrian army had recently liberated. They were soon beaten back. Some 50 Ahrar al-Sham fighters were killed or wounded after they ran into a trap. Some 10 Syrian soldiers have been captured by the enemy. Syrian and Russian air support is very active in the area and the Syrian army is again moving forward.

There is no mention or picture (yet) of al-Qaeda in Syria, currently labeled HTS, taking part in the "rebel" counterattack. Four days ago HTS published photos of its leader Joulini meeting with his military commanders to assess the situation. It looked bad for them. The squabblewith other "rebels" increased. Two days ago Jouliani issued a statement that HTS would stop fighting other factions in Idleb to enable all to confront the advancing Syrian government forces. It seems that this was a condition for the renewed Turkish/U.S. support.

The counteroffensive could only proceed because Turkey (again) delivered hundreds of tons of weapons to the jihadis. New supplies of TOW anti-tank missiles, distributed exclusively by the CIA, have also been seen. (Turkey is also again supplying jihadists in Libya. The Greek navy just caught a ship going from Turkey to Libya with 29 containers full of bomb precursors, detonators and other bomb making parts.)

Here are some relevant tweets from the last few hours:
Terrormonitor.org‏ @Terror_Monitor 9:54 AM - 11 Jan 2018
#SYRIA #AlQaeda Affiliate #Uyghur #Jihadi Group Turkestan Islamic Party (#TIP) Releases Pictures Showing Its Fighters Against #SAA In Southern #Idlib. #TerrorMonitor
(pictures attached)
The Uygur terrorists were brought from west-China to Syria on official Turkish passports issued by the Turkish embassy in Thailand. 

On September 18 2015 al-Qaeda (Nursra, HTS) and the Uyghur jihadist group Turkistan Islamic Party stormed the long besieged Abu al-Duhur airbase and executed 56 Syrian soldier. It is this airbase the current Syrian attack in east-Idleb is aiming at. 

This time it will be the Uygurs who will lose their lives.

More on the today's events:
Ali Özkök‏ @Ozkok_ - 10:06 AM - 11 Jan 2018
#Turkey supplied Feylaq el-Sham militia with at least six armoured vehicles. This is a major indicator that Turkey also supports the massive counter offensive of rebels and islamists in #Idlib and #Hama against Syrian army and allies! I guess we will see soon some ATGM strikes.

Carl Zha @CarlZha - 1:36 PM - 11 Jan 2018
Syria: Jihadists launching the counter-offensive against the Syrian government forces in Southern Idlib with APCs, heavy artillery and rockets this morning. APC were provided by Turkey earlier
(video attached)
The Syrian army captured one of the the new armored personal carriers. The various pictures and videos show a variant of the Armored Panthera F9 produced by the company Minerva SPVwhich resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ali Özkök‏'s remark, "I guess we will see soon some ATGM strikes," was prophetic:
Carl Zha‏ @CarlZha - 1:58 PM - 11 Jan 2018
#Idlib: Syrian Rebel group Jaish Nasr TOW attack on Syrian Army Tank in Maraq Hill this morning. Wonder who provided them with TOW missiles?🤔CIA is suppose to account for all TOW missiles supplied by Saudi 🧐
(video attached)
Carl Zha‏ @CarlZha - 2:38 PM - 11 Jan 2018
#Syria Al Zenki Movement (Jihadist who beheaded a Palestinian child in Aleppo) firing ATGM hitting T72 tank today. Turkish support have been crucial for this rebel counter-offensive against #SAA
(video attached)
There was some early announcement of new Turkish and U.S. supplies by the Gulf propagandist Charles "Jihad" Lister:
Charles Lister @Charles_Lister - 5:58 AM - 11 Jan 2018
Sources - #Turkey has provided new supplies of: - Turkish armored vehicles - SALW ammo - RPGs - Mortars - Grad rockets & launchers - Tank shells & more… … To all major non-#HTS factions, for the express purpose of today’s new offensive vs. #Assad/#Iran/#Russia.
Two days ago Turkey protested to the Russian and Iranian ambassadors against the Syrian army moves in Idleb. According to the deescalation agreement it is Russia and Iran that are responsible for the south-eastern third of the Idleb deescalation zone while Turkey is supposed to control the north-western part. That Turkish part was recently used to attack the Russian bases in Syria though the Russians believe that the attack itself was launched not under Turkish but under U.S. command:
Russia said it held Turkey accountable for the drone attack, calling it a breach of their cease-fire agreement in northern Syria, while Turkey accused Russia and Iran of jeopardizing the entire peace process by launching an offensive to take control of an opposition-held air base in the area.The Russian Defense Ministry named the opposition-controlled village of Muwazarra in southern Idlib province as the location from which a swarm of at least a dozen drones armed with crude explosives was launched Saturday, attacking the Hmeimim air base and the nearby naval base of Tartus in northwestern Syria. Under the cease-fire deal, Turkey is supposed to restrain opposition forces in Idlib province.
The [Muwazarra] village remains loyal to the moderate opposition, but military positions surrounding it belong to the Nusra offshoot Harakat Tahrir al-Sham, or HTS, said another man who lives in the village and did not want his name to be used. The closest HTS base, lying in a valley to the east of the village, was destroyed in a Russian airstrike earlier this week, he said — after the attacks on Hmeimim.
Many Syrians and also Russians have speculated that foreign intelligence agencies with reasons to provoke the Russians may have helped a local group conduct the attack.“There’s a lot of fishy stuff going on in Idlib — agents running around, and groups working with groups they shouldn’t work with,” [Aron Lund, who analyzes Syria for the Century Foundation,] said. “It’s very, very murky.”
The "rebels" in Idleb also set up a website with 150 pre-scripted tweets about killed children and barrel bombed hospitals which their fans can distribute at will. In the next few days we will hear news of the destruction of at least eight "last hospitals" in the Idleb governorate ...

One wonders what the wannabe-Sultan Erdogan is thinking. He had tried to provoke Russia before by shooting down a Russia jet. Turkey paid a huge price when Russia stopped all tourism and trade with it. A year later Erdogan had to go to Moscow to apologize and to beg for relief. Does he believe that Russia will react less sharply now when he allows attacks on their bases and again supplies their enemies?

Russia isn't going through with the S-400 $2.5 billion deal in light of current events?????


David Zublick


He ALONE has fought for and highlighted this subject, when others lost interest. We hope the Trump administration partners with him, and supports him in this serious matter.

He is also a Trump supporter, it would appear........and is genuine.


Julian Assange....the man of the moment


Jeff Sessions


Has Ahmedinejad the Jew been arrested?


Maybe he can be rescued by the USA/Israelis at this important time on the orders of the GLOBALISTS DEEP STATE who run him via Turkey or more likely the UAE.

Ahmedinejad is a bit rich talking about CORRUPTION and MISMANAGEMENT in the current regime. Those two old sisters were rampant during his two terms, AND BAITING Israel as well..........making visits to Venezuela which for a country like Iran was irrelevant.

Auntie next door uploads on DEEP STATE CRIMES in a matter of fact manner.

Traditionally the likes of Alex Jones have delivered over 20 years in an animated style, that reflected the nature of the DEEP STATE CRIMES.

However, a significant section of the public found it unpalatable as they had been conditioned and brainwashed by TV and cinema about the REALITY OF THEIR comfortable suburban safe ordered world, where the likes of Hilary, Obummer and even Bill ...............SPOKE in pleasant, dulcid, platitude PLUMMY ...NE tones and DEEP STATE engineered talking points.....that were meant to be soothing to the passive submissive masses as they........ they were slowly led towards the gulag, and a police state and the GLOBALIST NWO of CIA linked MNE's and MNC's....billionaires. 

Some of these 'alternative' groups peddled 10% of the CIA propaganda, 20%....50% or even more with the normal rule of thumb being that the better the presentation with expensive background, the greater the surroundings....then greater the acceptance and management by the DEEP STATE (from where does the money come from for this fancy presentation and airtime, and legitimacy).

1. Stalin was a DEEP STATE operative managed by the NWO of Jewish banks and the troubled victimised son of a poor cobbler from Georgia. At one he worked for the Czarist Secret police betraying his closet 'friends' 'comrades' and he simultaneously also worked for the Bolsheviks. He was given a platform, and for his murderous, bank-robbing ways he was treated with kid glove by the Czarist security apparatus.
Image result for stalin reading the talmud tora
Stalin (man of steel) with one of his 3 Jewish wives
Image result for stalin and Beria
Stalin probably reading the Talmud or Tora, whilst his chief of secret police the NKVD, Levrenty Beria cuddles Svetlana, Stalin's daughter. Beria was Jewish, and his favourite out of office hours past-time was cruising the streets of Moscow in the early hours of the morning looking for school girls to abduct, rape and then strangle.......then off to the office in the Lubiayanka to start off the day.

The Secret police NKVD, KGB (CIA, FBI) was the basis of Bolshevik Jewish power in the Soviet Union.

2. Hitler is another classic example. The man who never did a normal 9-5 job in his whole life, or ever married, or produced any children for the fatherland, or owned a house with mortgage or own or DROVE a car......He operated as a male prostitute in Munich in Turkenstrasse around January 1919. He was hired by the German military secret police (Abwehr) in the summer of 1919 and from there he infiltrated and worked for both the Communists and right-wing groups in Munich.....getting involved in street brawling and inciteful hateful speeches (His 'speciality' skill...further honed by experts later in life). 
Image result for young hitler in the streets
Image result for gay hitler in the streets
This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed his best buddy Ernst Rohm on the grounds of immoral homosexual orgies.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who locked up 100,000 homosexuals in concentration camps and persecuted them.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed 6,000,000 million Jews but the allegation is that he was a self-hating Jew himself.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who ran Germany with a population of 80 million, and probably the most advanced Western nation of its time (Science, music, art)

This is the same prostitute from Munich who initiated WWII.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY 60 million people around the world.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who was rescued by the CIA to live out his days in Argentina until 1965.

3. Gandhi was appropriated by the DEEP STATE in the British Empire when he was in London. After the Indian Liberation war of 1857--58, the sane sections of the British empire realised that India could not be ruled by the British indefinitely, least of all by the East India Company which was duly disbanded in 1858. Then the slow road to independence became a managed affair with the creation of the Secular Congress Party in 1885, with Gandhi parachuted into the country in 1915. The British also set up 2 sectarian parties to manage religious violence and the divide and rule.....'The Muslim League' 1905, and the Hindu RSS 1922 modelled on the fascist Nazi Party of Germany, and vice versa. Gandhi was a British puppet and they liked him, as he did not advocate violence....something which the British did not want to face after 1857-58 from 400 million Indians, in the interim period they ruled India.

Indian day-time pop history TV.

SOMETIMES violence and force is necessary to remove an oppressive unjust ruler who kills 30 million of your people, steals $1 trillion worth of assets, turns the country synonymous with fabulous wealth throughout history INTO dire poverty and degradation (1858---1919).......and tells YOU in your own country that YOU are worthless, subhumans.....along with all your culture and history. That kind of a foreign ruler doesn't require nice chats over tea and biscuits......it requires VIOLENCE.

BUT, with Gandhi's and his managed revolution slowly, painfully slowly  .......led India to 'Independence' in inverted commas. Giving Gandhi a PLATFORM and airtime for the whole world to see and lionise.

Related image

Gandhi's Globalist handler, (he is not British, or from the empire) Hermann Kallenbach, on the right. Thought to be lovers.

Alex Jones is also part of this managed DEEP STATE matrix, with alleged DEEP STATE parents like Obummer. Over 20 years he has become the single most important alternative voice in America. There are many aspects of his performance which are DEEP STATE, which few of 'us' can read automatically without trying hard.........just 2 bits to name a few:

1. His fear-mongering.......is the classic tool of the Deep State to manage the masses.

2. His anti-Mooooslim rants.......Muslims constitute about 1% of the USA population and are a thoroughly diverse lot. Muslims are irrelevant to the MAIN CHALLENGES the USA faces in the 21st century. For Israel and the DEEP STATE, however, they have been made an ISSUE using patsies and false flags mostly.....and Alex Jones knows this from his DEEP STATE connections.

Alex is not Jewish I think, though he was married to one. He has two senior Jewish handlers from the DEEP STATE, Steve Pieczenik of the CIA going back over a decade and a new more pro-active one, Roger Stone. Of the two, Roger Stone speaks far more constructively with clear facts and advice. I thought that he would have made a good Chief of Staff for the Whitehouse (But I am not a Washington insider privy to all the games).

I am aware that the Islamic Revolution in Iran was engineered by the CIA, and that crypto-Jews played, continue to play an important role in the country, besides the mere 20,000 who live there officially. A former Deputy director of Savama, the mullah secret police was a Jew who spent most of his time and energy killing Iranian intellectuals. Former President Ahmedinejad is alleged to be a Jew, a great Israel baiter. He wishes to run again as President, but I believe the mullahs will not allow it......and it is alleged that General Qasem Soleimani of the Revolutionary Guard, the man who persuaded PUTIN to intervene in Syria is JEWISH, from Kerman. Say its not true.

Putin would only listen to a real Jew????!!!! Time to CRAWL back into the worn out couch and watch endless hours of day-time TV, AND GIVE UP.
Sardar Qasem Soleimani-01.jpg

So where are we going here??? Revolutions sometimes start for good reasons but end up with all the wrong reasons.

The American Revolution way back 200 years started out well and ended well if you don't count the 8 years of hardship, death and destruction. There were no mass executions after the revolution, mass graves, reprisals and so on that you associate with the worst of revolutions (Bolshevik Revolution). After the victory, a string of GOOD honest humble leaders more or less steered the new country away from old Europe, and into a new destiny........and by 1945 representing 50% of the GDP of the world, and the premier power in the world whom everybody including the USSR (saved by the USA lend and lease) respected.

The current American REVOLUTION can be subverted by official Jews, and convert Jews since MOST APPEAR to have LIBERAL GLOBALIST MULTI-CULTURAL pretensions whilst they root for racist Apartheid Israel covertly and overtly.

In a revolution, you can't have divided wishy-washy loyalty to TWO separate states with two separates ASPIRATIONS.


Phantom Quislings in the DOJ ---criminals with political intent JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON WITH OPPORTUNITY


'Its was all a MASSIVE embarrassment for Quisling. It showed he did not have the situation under control' ----let us get rid of Sessions and Rosenstein, and get the situation under control....the President has the authority and power to do so with HIS Justice Department.

This is not about Bannon, but Sessions and Rosenstein in the Trump ADMINISTRATION along with the SES 8000 political appointments by Obama/Clintons....working in the DOJ and elsewhere..........Clinton's and Obama's REAL secret army in Washington.

Confiscating property of American citizens against whom minor criminal allegations are made sounds a lot like the Nazi Gespato policies......Jeff.


Strzok did Huma Abedins interview, that closes the LOOP

Indeed the DEEP STATE Justice Department MUST prosecute Huma Abedin, but for us to get there .............first meaninfully before that AG Sessions and Rosenstien must be removed from their current positions, and replaced by JUDICIAL WATCH individuals ....people who have a history of high apolitical integrity.

The DOJ is an annex to the President and is ONLY answerable to the President.

The DOJ serves at the pleasure of the President, and all individuals within it.

He has the authority to dismiss Sessions, the failed AG linked to Vanguard Inc. (Conflict of interest)....prisons for profit/slave labour for profit in America 2.5 million. Profits from pain and torture.

The President has the authority to dismiss Rosenstein, appointed by Reince Prebius on the good bi-partisan advice of Elija Cummings. Rosenstein is a buddy of Mueller, Comey and all the rest that are after Trump. They have known each other in the Capital for over 30 years. He likes to hop on his seat when he is lying to people, with a very shifty oily looking face.

The lying proverbial body cannot control the subconscious twitches.

The New Year Resolution must include removing both of them.....as they are part of the Deep State Insiders.

Then bring in neutral, non-politicians, non-Business people, non-Deep State people from Judicial Watch, Like Tom Fitton et al.....they love the American constitution too much, and will never surrender its sovereignty for the sake of some special interest that 'swirls around' THE CAPITAL WITH A STINK.

The Trump Revolution must be legal........with due process, and not just involve military muscle.

For that to happen, the DOJ has to be cleaned out first. Sessions and Rosenstein first. Then the rest. The holdovers from Obama/Bush/Clinton in the revolving doors of the DOJ.....CESSPOOL.

As a student of history, I have observed that REVOLUTION if unchecked can destroy a nation, even though there are perfectly natural legitimate unstoppable forces pushing them forward.

The American revolution lasted 8 years and ultimate military conflict was unavoidable:

The French, partly inspired by the American Revolution and which called for 'Liberty, Fraternity and Equality' that Revolution lasted longer until Napolean declared himself Emperor. 2 million French men and women died, almost 10% of the population. 

The Bolshevik Revolution in Imperial Russia killed 60 million between 1918--1991. Lenin the Globalist multi-cultural leader with Turkish/Swedish/German and Russian lineage HATED Russians.

Revolutions can thus be very bloody, and lots of good innocent people can die in them.

The USA is a wonderful country, filled with lots of beautiful people (in a holistic sense) It would indeed be sad if innocent beautiful people were to die in the process of a VERY NECESSARY JUST REVOLUTION.

How can we learn from history, and move forward?

Whilst the military is necessary for enforcing what is right, SOLE reliance on them would be a slippery slope in the wrong direction.

For this very reason, a retooled just strong JUSTICE DEPARTMENT that obeys the President is what is needed.


Roger Stone Intel-----moving steadily closer to the FINAL OBJECTIVES


Jerome Corsi again at Infowars.com


Eric Schmidt the key to electing Hilary, and also Obama in 2008, and 2012. 

The Darkest Prince in the Globalist Deep State.

Worked for DARPA originally.Der geheime militärische Industriekomplex, der Wunderwaffen für das Pentagon und eine Kopie der militärischen Projekte der Nazizeit produziert.)

Eric Schmidt at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 037.jpg

Image result for MS 13

I would not waste my time and life on such weapons systems even if I had one scintilla of the scientific skills of my father Dr. M M Ali.

Roger Stone inside intel on the corrupt Clintons et al


Dr. Jerome Corsi says a day after this video that the State Department documents release about Huma Abedin's emails (Which the public are very interested about, as it relates to the CLINTON'S CRIMES) were heavily redacted, and very poorly presented.......very difficult to follow and read the few emails that were released...making them worthless for interested parties.

President Trumps new years gift to the world against HUMAN TRAFFICKING, TORTURE AND CORRUPTION (Money laundering of ill-gotten gains)

I have not read it carefully, so I don't know which American institution will be charged with enforcing it around the world? Presumably not the CIA?

The Treasury Department: 

This would include modern-day slavery.....


Paraphrasing Eric Schmidt,' I wish to be Trumps major outside advisor' ? I pledge allegiance to his long-term cause in America!